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CHEM101: Basic Principles in Chemistry

In this course, I’ll introduce you to the fascinating world of chemistry that describes everything you see, touch, and feel. We’ll start with the basics of the atom, its behavior, and models describing them.

Then, we’ll move to bonding and chemical properties of matter. In this course, you’ll also learn about the chemical changes and chemical reactions that occur in our world all the time.


CHEM 301: Organic Chemistry in Everyday Life

This online course explores organic chemistry — those principles behind medicine, perfume, sport, and brewing. In CHEM 301, you’ll learn about various chemistry-based topics that are related to our everyday lives. Emphasis will be on the crucial role of organic chemistry, which is the study of organic compounds containing carbon.

The topics we’ll be covering in this online course include chemical attraction (focus on perfumes and pheromones), the race to develop new antibiotics, and more!


CHEM 102: Introduction to Physical Chemistry

In CHEM 102, you’ll learn physical chemistry — concepts that include thermodynamics chemical equilibrium, and others. This course explains the key role that the principles of thermodynamics and chemical equilibrium play in chemical systems. It also takes an in-depth look into thermodynamic favorability of reactions, endothermic-exothermic reactions.


CHEM 201: States of Matter

In this course, you’ll gain more understanding of the states of matter. CHEM 201 also covers the change process that matter undergoes.

We’ll explore the four states of matter — gas, liquid, solid, and plasma. With the application of required temperature and pressure, matter will change state. In this Chemistry course, we’ll look at the characteristics of each of these states and the required amount of energy to be gained or lost by a substance before it goes through a change of state.

Only creative courses

My Chemistry courses focus on the way substances interact, in addition to their properties and what occurs when they go through a combination reaction/process to produce new substances. You’ll learn the basic principles of chemistry.

I’ll also teach you the scientific method, how to carry out basic experiments and maintain accuracy in the process. Several programs on this website mainly involve physical chemistry-related topics. They also cover more advanced topics in inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and the role of chemistry in society.

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